2 thoughts on “Beyonce – Run The World (Girls) Beyoncé U Tube HD”

  1. Bey once; is a very gregarious lady, with a lot of teathro skills, she is so, profesional , accting, as well singing, i like this vedeo, becouse, it truefully represents, the woman power, her braveness , her straingh, but i admired , the great quality sound power, pictures oustanding, color perfecly , vivid and clear , this vedeo, is to me, one of the best videos proction , have ever made, thank you , you tub, for caring , the best, music and best qualities ever, and beter then anyother company!!you are the best,…!!!i hightly , recomend , to used the link music , you tub, is awesome thank you Rebecca miranda;

  2. truthfully this video, is one of the greatest one i ever seem before , where the women is distinguish , for her heroismss, power, braveness, conquitador,savior, protector of gustes,and beyonce, is a gregorious lady, with alot of per4sonality , and professionalismo, the vidio; contains , the hightess amount fo quality sound, vivid colors, great brright, expectacular pictures , it is to me , one of the best production video, you tub , have , produce!! this is a awesome vedio Rebecca miranda;

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